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It's time for Gillard to face the inevitable and be graceful

Comments on Dennis Shanahan “Even Victorian faithful think Labor is on the nose”, 27/09/2011, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/opinion/even-victorian-faithful-think-labor-is-on-the-nose/story-e6frgd0x-1226147314109

The problem for Labor is that the longer Gillard hangs on the more unpopular it gets and the bigger its electoral loss in the next election.
Gillard should swallow her personal ego and be wise enough to accept and acknowledge her problem is unsolvable and pass the leadership to another person, presumably the one who has the best chance to win the next election. She would serve the ALP and herself a big favour if she did just that, the sooner the better.

An voluntary and orderly change in the ALP leadership would be the best for ALP, certainly much better than another leadership change forced by its parliamentary caucus.
Now it appears that that person may be Rudd or Smith. Neither of them may guarantee an election victory, but either of them is infinitely more electable than the current one, if the polls are a rough guide.

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