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School funding - Gonski Review

Comments on Judith Sloan "It would be fairer and cheaper for some rich schools to lose funds", 28/02/2012, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/opinion/it-would-be-fairer-and-cheaper-for-some-rich-schools-to-lose-funds/story-fnbkvnk7-1226283265715

I think the second last paragraph is the key for this review to work and be adopted in 2014 finding.

The reconciliation of the government proposition of no loss of $1 per student and the percentage funding of non-government schools can only be done by transitional arrangements.

Further, total $ amount per student recommended in the review report should and must be state specific, given the huge differences in costs of education between the states.

Lastly, the percentage funding should be different for catholic and independent schools in general and should be adjusted by the relative resources of schools accordingly. Maybe a floor per student percentage should be considered.

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