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Alternatives provide room for competition and betterness

Comment onJohm Keane “How Not to Think about China”, 24/08/2012, https://theconversation.edu.au/how-not-to-think-about-china-8933

While many in the West may be concerned about the appearance of a different style from the West democracy, I think it may be beneficial to the world and all human beings if there are some alternatives and competition available.

China is still reforming and evolving and its current form may or may not necessarily be an eventual alternative style of democracy, but it has the potential to become one.

One may speculate that some sort of authoritarian social capitalism might be emerging from China that would differ from the current West style democracy. Main differences might include

that it may be a combination of western democracy with eastern stronger states (with a stronger emphasis on more effective collective governing through government, and a market system that would rely more on redistribution for equality purpose to balance the main focus of the current capitalism on capitalists' profits.

Just as competition by market forces is generally good for efficient resources allocation, competition in social and democratic systems can be expected to be constructive and have a positive effect to human beings.

But there is no guarantee that China will develop into a real alternative.

Let’s hope China’s current experience or attempt of an alternate will be positive and constructive to all human beings.

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