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Initiatives of AIIB and One Belt One Road should be commended

Comments on Amitav Acharya "Building Asian security", 25/01/2016

It seems that the author may be premature in the view reflected in the follow paragraph: “Similarly, China professes a deep interest in enhancing regional economic interdependence. But its own initiatives, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and One Belt One Road, challenge long-standing modalities of regional economic cooperation.”

As Andrew Sheng described in his post on 23 January 2016, the AIIB is an initiative after the refusal by the US congress to ratify the 2009 G20 agreement to widen the voting rights distribution of the IMF. It is a rational reaction to an irrational behaviour by the US congress.

China’s One Belt One Road initiative should be commended as opposed to be labelled as something abnormal.

The world is changing. As it happens in many countries, reforms are necessary to progress. In that contest, new world modality is not necessarily wrong.

Further, while the majority of the following statement seems correct, it is unclear or confusing in the part “stability in the balance of power”. What does it mean in a changing world? If the world is changing and the relative power changes with it, is it still “stability in the balance of power”?

No one can hold the world not to change.

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