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Commending courage in research

Comments on Jean-Pierre Lehmann, IMD: "Phasing out the US (dis)order in the Asia Pacific",

I highly commend the author for this excellent post with bold and a way that does not necessarily bind to the conventionally political-correct view (presumably the main stream and dominant West view and probably not so West views in many quarters in the world).
It requires courage, wisdom and foresight, as well as true independence in thinking and writing.
I also appreciate the fact that the East Asia Forum allows the post to be presented on its forum.
Imagine how many voices are there for a call to abolish NATO, except for an interesting president of the most powerful country on earth?
Nowadays the phrase ‘pivot to Asia’ is not heard so often as it used to be following the change of the president in the US. Yet calling for ‘the US should phase out its military presence’ is so fresh and rare.

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