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Americans need to recognise the inevitable

Comments on Paul Kelly “US bull wants help in the China shop”, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/commentary/us-bull-wants-help-in-the-china-shop/comments-e6frgd0x-1226071257169

Are the Americans unrealistically defying historical trends in hoping that it will be able to continue to dominant in the world economically and militarily?

Simple math suggests that Asia's giants, like China and India with more than a billion population each and faster economic growth, will take over the US as world top economic powers and with it military powers too.

The speed of China's economic growth in the past three decades suggests it is likely to take over the US in between 1 and 2 decades.

With such a background, the pure dominance mentality or intention of the US, if maintained and continued, will not be conducive to world peace. To the contrary, it would be more likely to lead to instability and conflicts.

It is time for the US to be more sober and recognise the inevitable historical changes. Its power is not declining, but the powers of others are growing faster.

Australia should influence the Americans to make the right decisions. It is in the interests of both, as well as world peace.

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