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Creativity needed to financially enhance Aussies

Comments on Bill Gross "Paranormal economic activity", 7/01/2012, http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/global-economy-interest-rates-US-Federal-Reserve-E-pd20120105-Q7W3Q?OpenDocument&src=sph&src=rot
I think the flooding of money by ECB, BOE, and Fed will either be hoarded by those financiers that need deleveraging, or spill over to other more promising and less risky countries/markets by some international hedging operators, or both.

Maybe the Aussie stock markets and bond markets will be one of the destinations for those QE money supplies.
It will be self-fulfilling, if enough money is flowing into a better market, because the amount can be very large.
If I could get money from the US, UK, or EU, I would definitely invest in Australia, selecting a time when the A$ is a bit lower to come in  and buy some shares and get out with a decent profit at a time when A$ is higher.
That would be a very excellent strategy.
The question Australians need to ask is why the Australian banks have been arguing that their financing costs from overseas financial markets are higher than the domestic money market where official interest rates are much higher than most of their counterparts overseas.
I was personally wondering that why there is no operators from Australia financiers to set up some bonds to be sold overseas and use the proceeds to provide cheaper loans in Australia.
Indeed, the Australian government perhaps should seize this opportunity to do so to benefit Australians by lowering the cost burdens for many Aussies who have mortgages or loans from the banks.

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