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Abbott's foreign adventure

Comments on Craig Mark "Abbott’s stance on China needs to evolve with the times" 27/07/2012  https://theconversation.edu.au/abbotts-stance-on-china-needs-to-evolve-with-the-times-7975#comments
Abbott is unlikely to be as successful in dealing with China as he has so effectively opposed to the ALP government since he became the opposition leader. 

China is no Gillard nor Rudd.
If Abbott hopes his hardlining tactics may work, the US would have China measured long ago, given that the US has been and is still much much more powerful than Australia and there have been many harks there who are at least as good as Abbott in global leadership and skills.
So yes, his stance on China has to evolve with time.
Just see how American presidents changed their attitudes towards China from their campaigns once they came to the White House and began to deal with China.
Rhetoric is one thing and reality is another totally different one all together.

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