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Should people be worried about aging population that much?

Comments on Stephen Kirchner "Increasing the super contribution rate is a second-rate solution", 8/01/2013, https://theconversation.edu.au/increasing-the-super-contribution-rate-is-a-second-rate-solution-11467

Jeff raises a very good point that many commentators, analysts, modellers, bureaucrats, policy advisers and policy makers may have not been able to take account in their work.

When people's average lifespans increase, people's working life should increase accordingly. This would be particularly true with the current trend that many people are not working as a physical labourer.

The current modelling assumes a largely fixed retirement age with an increasingly longer lifespan, which is itself illogical and internally contradictory. As a result, many of the policy instruments/measures are unlikely to be needed for the concerns of an aging population.

However, those policies may induce people to retire earlier than their ability to work allows when they reach the retirement age, given that those policies would have a redistributive effect for a person from young to older ages.

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