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Rudd the unpredictable in the coming election

Clearly the Rudd factor is the most explosive and unpredictable in the coming election, not just for the ALP, but arguably also for the coalition, because if the ALP switches to Rudd, then the coalition may also switch to another person as opposed to continue with Abbott as the leader. The difference in voter appeal between Rudd and Abbott would make it too hard for the coalition to bear and for the fear of losing another unloseable election.

I think what Rudd and indeed his supporters should do is to devise a strategy of approaching the ALP heavy weights and assure them that the goal is to win the next election and to win as many seats for them as possible and there will be no retribution but complete reconciliation and the reliance on merits and talents.
Clearly, Shorten is a key figure among heavy weights. However, some more neutral heavy weights could also play a pivot role, given that the prospect of winning the next election is getting more and more impossible day by day and the interests of the whole party should be paramount in any consideration.

Gillard has been given enough opportunities and time to demonstrate her Prime Ministerial leadership skills, but her performance over the past couple of years has been mush less than satisfactory and boarded on the more disappointing to say the least.
Swan is another uncertain factor in the sense that should he realise that Gillard's fortune may certainly improve should he stand down as early as possible and leave at the next election. But Swan is unlikely to do that.

Should the Rudd supporters try to hand out more olive branches to the neutral and those within the Gillard strong supporters, the situation may change very quickly. It needs some real change from Rudd and the sooner he realise that the better his political fortune will become.

Rudd is smart enough to learn what is needed and required and take the necessary steps.
Past lessons are rich enough.

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