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Shameful for all involved in MRRT design

Comments on Sally Zou et al "Mining tax shortfall: the experts respond", 9/02/2013, http://theconversation.edu.au/mining-tax-shortfall-the-experts-respond-12105

When the truth comes to daylight and while we see the dreadful position and policy/taxation skills of the Treasurer and the PM, no one should forget those advisers and the economic and tax advisory institutions behind the scene who were involved in the design of the tax and its finalisation and provided the shameful and deceitful numbers to the public.

At the time, not many reporters, analysts and commentators questioned the numbers provided to the public, even though when both the tax bases and the rate had decreased as well as more generous deductions while the projected total tax didn't change much from the original Henry design.

An incompetent government is generally accompanied by equally incompetent advisers and related institutions.
A further shame is that is is equally likely that those advisers and key persons with the related institutions would have got their promotion similar to the way that the Treasurer became the deputy PM.

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