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There can be winners in the Grexit game

Comments on Antonio Muscatelli "Greece: why there can be no winners in the Grexit game", 21/06/2015

Some people simply assume that Greece has not prepared for default and it's consequences., including the author of this article. That is only an assumption. That assumption may or may not be true.

It is possible that the Greece government may have carefully analysed and considered the default option and prepared for it already, but does not want to say it so as to force a better outcome than default out of negotiations. Of course, I am speculating too and don't have any better information than the author had. So don't hold me for my speculation as a certainty.

I think in the long term, it seems that an orderly Greece exit from the euro zone may prove to be better for both itself and the rest of the euro zone as a whole. A Grexit would allow it the freedom to have its own currency and to devalue as a way to adjust to increase its international competitiveness, as opposed to the simple austerity adjustments it has had so far.

The stubbornness of many participants not to actively and positively to consider Grexit may prove to be a serious mistake that carries huge costs for both Greece and the others involved. It is regrettable and it can only be avoided after a real Grexit.

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