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Time will tell if there is a China model

Comments on David Dollar "What institutions do Asian countries need to keep growing?" 31 May 2015

The next decade or two may prove one way or another whether there is a China model or not. While Dollar argues historical evidence is likely to be against China’s authoritarian system for its next stage of development, the current indication is that China is unlikely to say goodbye to it any time soon. As a result, we will likely to see either a China model with authoritarian government that successfully defy the historical evidence that Dollar relies, or China falls into the middle income trap including possibly a scenario where the authoritarian government is forced to give up its power in favour of the traditional democracy.

China, however, has a unique feature that is lacking in many other countries, that is, it has the largest population and it’s economy will soon be the largest in the world. Can China create a new way, that is a new model? That is a question no one can answer with absolute certainty, but will be fascinating to see for many over the next decade or two.

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