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APEC new focus in the wake of TPP?

Comments on Alan Bollard "APEC’s new focus", 11/12/2015

This article states that “In 2015, as usual, regional integration took centre stage. Several leaders and ministers spoke rather critically about the WTO’s 2001 Doha Round and the upcoming WTO ministerial conference in Nairobi. The general view is that APEC members want multilateral progress, but continued delays are unacceptable. So there was renewed attention on mega-regional agreements.”

If members are interested in multilateralism such as WTO, why don’t they get the APEC into a free trade region?
APEC would do well if it can unify the various free trade agreements in APEC into an APEC wide trade agreement, so it is inclusive of all APEC members (as opposed to exclusive of some) and promotes trade and investments within APEC

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