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Cautions are needed in implementing the One Belt One Road inititive

Comments on David Brewster "China’s rocky Silk Road", 9/12/2015

While it is important to recognise its potential in transforming the regional economies in the One Belt One Road (OBOR) if all goes well, China should realise that such an initiative involving so many countries with different social, political and economic situations will inevitably be more difficult than any Chinese domestic initiatives.

China should be realistic and pragmatic about it and apply proper and adequate cost and benefit analysis of each project that is to be funded from international funding. It would be wise to recognise that the domestic model that China operates may not be suitable in the regional and international level.

Without such understanding, it is likely to result in huge wastes and failures. It is imperative for those Chinese officials who are charged with implementing the OBOR initiative not to simply treat the implementation as a domestic political campaign. They need to treat every bit based on their economic merit, as opposed to simple following political orders from their political masters.

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