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Payroll tax and company tax, and informed tax reform

Comments on Michelle Grattan "Turnbull points to problems in raising GST", 5/02/2016

It is strange for the PM to argue that payroll tax is efficient and at the same time also argue that company tax rate should be reduced. The two arguments are contradictory. It appears that the PM has been ill advised or not been advised but he only talk out of his own intuitive feel.

Comparing payroll tax with company income tax, the only difference is the degree of the impact on business, with payroll having a greater impact on business. That is because when without payroll tax, that amount would be profit and business pay income tax on that amount as opposed to pay the full amount when payroll tax is imposed.

It would be better if significant tax reforms or increasing taxes be put out much earlier in an election cycle, so it give plenty and adequate time to the public to consider them and make their mind on whether they would support or not support them.Leaving significant reform policy proposal to the last minute does not show enough respect to the voters!

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