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Regional food challenges and world production

Comments on R. Quentin Grafton, John Williams and Qiang Jiang "Food security: Asia’s critical balancing act", 3/02/2016

This post seems to argue the challenges of crop production in Asia, particularly South Asia on the one hand, and the apparently success worldwide in crop production in meeting world demand. If that is the case of regional challenge, then trade will feel the uneven distribution in crop production between regions/countries, unless some countries are so poor that they cannot afford to import grains. So one of the solution/strategy is to boost the income level of poor countries as an alternative to increase their domestic crop production.

Another factor that will exacerbate food security is the change in the family planning policy in China that will shift from one to two children per couple from the past one child per couple. Given China's population size, future population will be greater than most past projections. Higher population means the demand for food will be greater too. That means any baseline population projection needs to be updated.

Another point is generically modified food. Is the issue of safety of generically modified food for human consumption completely settled?

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