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Economists should not just assume all realities would fit their existing theories

Comments on Shiro Armstrong and Tom Westland "Escaping the middle income trap", 30/03/2016

Some comments point out some unsaid issues, including what a new Asia order would look like and how to bring that peacefully.

While I am an economist as opposed to international strategist, I would venture a hypothesis that the best scenario for a new Asia order to appear peacefully would be for China to work not only for its own interests but also for the interests of all Asian countries, so that Asia is truly for all Asians as a whole, irrespective for China to confront the US or not.

The underlying assumption is that Asians will benefit from a new Asia order.

If you don’t look after your neighbours, they will not support you in your endeavours.

I think that will need China to make some hard decisions and choices, including to make some compromises and perhaps sacrifices in the process for it to rise as a true and powerful leader in Asia. America will naturally fade from Asia or its assumed uncontested leadership in Asia will be diluted, in that process.

It will be wise for China if it can do that. I think there will be enough wise people in China for it to realise that is the best option forward.

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