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What is "New Confucianism"

Comments on Niv Horesh "Understanding China’s rise", 14/03/2016

While I have apparently seen signs of China adopting some of of revival of Confucianism, I am not sure what the core concepts of the so called New Confucianism.

Yes, Confucianism played an important role for about 2000 years in the Chinese history. But there were also many crises over that period, typified by inter dynastic changes as well as intra dynastic upheavals. Those also included, from period to period, multi states at times.

The Chinese Communists, as well as the May Fourth movement, for a long period were probably against Confucianism.

Is the New Confucianism new stage in terms of reconciling the traditional Confucianism with the current Chinese Communism (Confucianism with Chinese characteristics)?

Or is the New Confucianism a blind of a number of main ancient Chinese philosophies with Confucianism as the core, then all that subject to the current Chinese Communism?

Or is the current Chinese leadership using Confucianism to present a historically and relatively prosperous, well governed Eastern (Chinese) image to facilitate its narratives of China’s rise, a return to its ancient place of a more advanced country?

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