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Poor understanding on China’s e-commerce rules

Comments on Ryan Manuel "Why China’s e-commerce rules have exporters in a flurry", 4/05/2016

They, exporters to China. should not be worried, because the new rules, as you described, just aims at close loopholes, so importers, particularly consumers are treated the same whether the purchases are from special zones or not, as long as China imposes duties on those imports.

I don’t see any reasons for concerns. It is no worse and arguably better than the fact that Australia is imposing GST on online imports, because GST is a sales tax and the sales didn’t happen in Australia.

There is no need to exaggerate on what China does and to paint it to something it is not.

The title of this post, understandably, reflects a poor interpretation of the China’s e-commerce rules at its best, and is more likely at its worst to show the potentially China bashing sentiments in some circles in the West. It is regrettable at least.

I am surprised it is from the Australian Centre on China in the World, The Australian National University. It may reflect very poorly on the poor understanding of the author on China.

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