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RCEP conducive to Asia’s next growth frontier

Comments on Peter Drysdale "Asia’s next growth frontier", 5/05/2016

The current participants of the RCEP, particularly those excluded by the TPP, should have some sense of urgency to accelerate the negotiation processes, so they are not too disadvantaged by their exclusion by the TPP.

I would suggest that they should aim at conclusion as early as possible and have provisions that whichever member countries ratified it, they could apply to those countries, so to avoid unnecessary delays in the ratification processes, in case some countries encounter difficulties of some sort.

Given the fact some of the RCEP members are also TPP members, all members must be aiming at helping the conclusion of RCEP and avoid any drag for other purposes.

And by achieving a non-regional exclusive and growth enhancing RCEP as early as possible, it will be not only for the region and members but also for the whole world.

In the context of maintaining continued and rapid regional economic growth, I appreciate the title of this post.

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