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Australian dollar, industry policy and economic transition

Comments on Shiro Armstrong "Asian integration a key part of Australia’s economic transition", 29/05/2016

The author argues that “As the dollar strengthened and productive resources shifted to the mining sector, manufacturing became less competitive and many industries suffered or shut down.”

That can only be partly true, as the falling Australian dollar in recent two years will not in any way to stop the closure of the only remaining car manufacturing plants in Australia.
As a result, there are more important factors than the fluctuating Aussie dollar in determining manufacturing in Australia.
The issues with the future submarines to be manufactured by the France, possibly with some part of that making process in Australia, may not necessarily represent a good policy, if Australia can not maintain a car manufacturing plant while attempts to be part of manufacturing and maintaining submarines. It may be actually a loss if Australia does not have that comparative advantages in doing the submarines, if the standard trade theories are to be believed!
It could be an example of poor industry policy at the taxpayers expense.

Australia do need to find its comparative advantages!

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