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Briexit may not necessarily be as bad as many people think!

Comments on Editors, East Asia Forum "Can Asia shield the world against Europe’s Brexit woes?" 28/06/2016

While there is no question that the Brexit has and will continue to be a source of uncertainty, particularly for financial market, the scenarios presented in this post may appear to be too and overly pessimistic.

While the EU integration in general has been a good thing, the economic woos in some Euro zone economies in the wake of the GFC undoubtedly suggest there is a need for an exit mechanism for a member of an integrated regional organisation, such as the Euro zone or, for that matter EU. Such a mechanism, with good wills and intentions of all involved, would allow the exit of a member with either some difficulties or political determinations.

Such a mechanism should be friendly, as opposed to punitive.

Greece, with its painful economic, political and social problems, would have benefited if a helpful exit mechanism allowed it to use a national currency as an adjustment tool, as opposed to cuts to nominal wages, social securities and pensions.

Married couples may divorce and most countries have laws allow that to happen. Then why not allow a member of an integrated organisation to exit?

We should not just think in only one direction, that is, to integrate with no exist possibility and mechanism. That way of think is problematic itself. And that is one of the key sources of uncertainty in the wake of the Brexit vote outcome.

It is unhelpful and unproductive to blame or complain the Brexit.

I believe that Britain and the EU will negotiate creatively with mutual benefits for a successful Britain exit. They should and will create a workable framework to facilitate the Britain exit.

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