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Strategic vision and subtle diplomacy requried now to unite the world for good causes

Comments on Adam Triggs, ANU "Divided G7 an opportunity for Asia and the G20" 3/07/2017

It appears that the G20 meeting may make some real progress in terms of climate change and some other global and international issues, but it may be unlikely to be reflected in the meeting communique or documents, if the US is to veto or pressure others not to have those reflected in their wording.
It may require extremely high level of creativity in both diplomacy and wording to achieve a highly satisfactory meeting outcome.
But opportunities do exist for making some real achievements as the author suggested, given the needs for almost all other countries apart from the US (perhaps) to prevent the world from getting from bad to worse in the current very threating environment, even though they may take some time to show.
One should aim for some real progress.

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