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Time for Trump to hit back at China’s new cybersecurity law?

Comments on Claude Barfield, AEI "Time for Trump to hit back at China’s new cybersecurity law", 1/07/2017

Hasn’t the US, and for that matter Australia too, shut some Chinese firms out from participating in their projects? For example, Huawei has been shut out from Australia’s NBN work, even though Huawei is allowed in Europe.
Given the dubious reasons for shutting out Huawei and other Chinese firms by the US and Australia governments, what could China do to institute such similar reciprocal actions as the author argued here, leaving aside whether those arguments are sensible or not?
The Trump Administration has threatened a lot of trade measures against quite a number of countries, some of its allies included; aren’t they enough? Isn’t it enough, enough?
Is there any country in the world that is more unreasonable than the current posturing and rhetoric in the US, like asking Mexico to pay for the wall the US is to build along its border?
Is the world going insane?

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