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Argument of structural budget deficits nonsensical

Comments on Michael Stutchbury “We don't have a budget to manage boom”, 12/04/2011, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/opinion/we-dont-have-a-budget-policy-to-manage-boom/story-e6frg9p6-1226037422178

It would be better people make a clear distinction between the Howard/Costello tax cuts and family benefits and their successors' wasteful spending in BER, home insulation, and the kind.

If the mining bounty is returned to people, that is in one way one of the most efficient way to distribute the mining boom proceeds, that is, let people be richer and decide what they want to do with the mining bounty.

It is regrettable that Treasury people started and continue to use the argument of the line of structural deficits of the Howard/Costello late years in government. It has completely ignored the fact that people don't need government or bureaucrats to make decisions for them - most of them are wise and intelligent enough to make their own to the best of their own interests.

It is an empty, imaginary, illogical and false argument – an excuse for the current budgetary wastes to confuse people, to divert attentions. It is a ludicrous act.

Whoever invented that should have the intelligence to know that.

Further, there is no point for commentators to follow that line of argument, even though that is what the media does best.

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