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Can't simply follow EU's past

Comments on Seamus French “Follow the EU and US on a carbon price or we will just export jobs”, 4/04/2011, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/follow-the-eu-and-us-on-a-carbon-price-or-we-will-just-export-jobs/story-fn59niix-1226032905550

How much is the EU carbon price now?

If we don't do anything and only start it in 100 years later, then should we still adopt the EU starting carbon price and its trajectory?

Isn't it absurd?

Many argue that we only emit 1.4%, but never mention at the same time that we emit more per capita than EU. How much is Australia’s share of the world population? And what is EU’s share of that?

What logic is that?

It is misleading, isn't it? Or it is not too far from hypocrisy, is it?

PS: while the argument that carbon leakage and distortions of international competitiveness and trade have some merits, most people conveniently forget the fact that high per capita emission countries of industrialised economies including and particularly Australia should compensate the low emission developing countries for damages to their equal rights to good climate.

Taking that into account, while Australia can have a carbon price and a scheme of broad and country specific border carbon adjustments, it should also reimburse to the governments if not pay more to most developing countries.

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