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Do we really need a new climate change paradigm?

Comments on Mutsuyoshi Nishimura "In search of a new climate change paradigm" June 15th, 2012, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2012/06/15/in-search-of-a-new-climate-change-paradigm-2/
Nishimura asks the following question: “what kind of carbon market is needed?”
The answer is quite simple, yet the world at large seems unable to get it.
If it is true that “there is a strong consensus that imposing a price on CO2 emissions is the most cost-effective way to motivate all players to use less fossil fuels and move to low-carbon or non-carbon economic systems”, as Nishimura states, then isn’t a global price for carbon emissions and an equal per capita distribution of the revenue from pricing revenue simply enough to do the job?
Isn’t what is taught in economics to deal with pollution issues?
Most economists in the developed world including many of its national leaders and politicians should understand this, but few of them advocate this simple, efficient and effective method/policy. Why?
The answer is also simple, but I leave that to the readers.

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