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Rio+20 can it achieve anything?

Comments on Ruben Zondervan "

Rio+20: Take science seriously and change the process", 21/06/2012, https://theconversation.edu.au/rio-20-take-science-seriously-and-change-the-process-7804

While Rio+20 may have a much wider agenda in terms of sustainable development, the inability of the international community to reach an agreement of actions and policy framework on emissions, arguably the most pressing and important environment issue facing all human beings, suggests the large gathering is unlikely to achieve meaningful outcomes for the environment.
For emission and climate change issues, it is the rich and powerful countries that have been the obstacles to progress, out of their self interests because they have far greater per capita emissions than most other countries.
Until the international community can achieve a fair and workable agreement on emissions control there is no reason and justice for rich countries to press poorer countries to be responsible to the environment in their development and make sacrifices in getting a better world environment.

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