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Australia should never become an America in population or military

Comments on Cassanddra Wilkinson "Less welfare, more immigrants and an Australian century", 3/12/2012, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/opinion/less-welfare-more-immigrants-and-an-australian-century/

While the idea to reform the welfare state and encourage citizens to work should be done as an urgency, there are few signs that the politicians are willing to take real steps and there are influential interest groups that will oppose to reforms in that regard. Secondly, the American historical example will not and should not be followed by Australia because there are fast differences between the two countries and the timing cannot be any more different too. Australia has struggled to cope with its won natural environment, mainly the dry climate and the lack of rain water. As a dry continent, its soil is poor. The struggle with the Murray Darling Basin water plan is an example of water scarcity in Australia. It is an indication that Australia will struggle more to sustain a large population. In timingwise, now there is no need to become a populous nation to enjoy wealth and freedom. In terms of military and defence, Australia seldom has been under threat of invasions by other nations. Of course interest groups will argue that Australia needs a stronger and larger military force to defend itself. But the question is to defend from who? Its all imaginary.
So forget steretypes and old style thinking, folks. The world is increasingly becoming one. There will not be serious threat to Australia's security in the next hundred years. And, don't ever think that Australia needs a larger population to survive!

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