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Funding policy for education in Australia

Comments on Kevin Donnelly “Writing is on the wall as standards trend down”, 14/12/2012, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/opinion/writing-is-on-the-wall-as-standards-trend-down/story-e6frg6zo-1226536451971

There should be some distinctions between government funding for government and non-government schools, given that government schools are open to all without requiring to pay (the purpose of government schools to provide education for all).

However, a modified vouchers system may work, though.

There should be 3 types of vouchers - for government, Catholic and private schools students respectively.

Firstly, give vouchers to students who go to government schools at the average level of funding for government students, so they can choose among government schools.

Secondly, give vouchers to those who go to Catholic schools at a certain level, so they can choose which Catholic schools to go to.

Thirdly give vouchers to those who go to private schools another certain level, so they can choose to which school they go.

Such a funding system is more likely to result in better choices and better education outcomes for all students, whichever types of schools they choose to go.

If the levels of funding for the 3 types of schools are designed properly, such a system will work better than the current one.

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