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Every country needs to learn how to learn, including the advocates

Comments on Emmanuel Jimenez and Elizabeth M. King "Middle income countries need to learn how to learn", 20/08/2015

There appears to be a typo in the third paragraph, where “by 2050, this figure had shrunk to less than one in ten”, the number 2050 should be a smaller number, because it refers to the past but 2050 is in the future.

I was surprised that vocational and adult continuing education is not mentioned in this article, given the focus on leaning new skills or further expanding and or improving existing skills to meet the ever changing work needs.

I would suggest such education had played an important part in raising the average knowledge and skills levels in those tiger countries. As development of new technologies or improves in technologies will play very important roles in this century, vocational and adult continuing education is likely to be as important as the improvement in primary and secondary education, because people need to keep pace with changes in technologies.

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