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Three of China's strong internet related companies: BAT - 百度,阿里巴巴,和腾讯

This report mentioned China's BAT, three big Chinese internet related company - 百度,阿里巴巴,和腾讯。

"中国互联网创业活力为何碾压日本?" 12/08/2015. Yes, it seems to be true that Japan has been lacked behind in terms of internet related, or mobile phones making. This is very different to its earlier innovations in electronics, such as TVs (such as Sony), as well as cars where Toyota is one of the world's big car manufacturers. That may be related to the so called Japan's lost decades, that is, from the early 1990s to possibly now.

It is useful to know. Of course, there are also other newly established strong tech companies, like some in the making of Chinese branded mobile phones, 华为,小米等。

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