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Cathy Yang's extraordinary arrogant claims!

Comments on Cathy Yang's comments on "Japan’s defence and diplomacy heading in the wrong direction", 2/08/2015

Cathy Yang, it seems your statements are wrong and have no basis in terms of, I quote, "War reparations were received, compensations for comfort women were offered."

China has never received war reparations and many ordinary Chinese have been unhappy or angry for that, partly it was past Chinese communist leaders who decided not to ask for war reparations when China and Japan established diplomatic relations during Mao and Zhou era.

As far as I am aware, no compensations for comfort women were offered to Chinese nationals involved.

Can you supply evidence to back up your claims please?

Your claim that "China will never attack, or take the US nor Japan by forces" implies you can foretell the future regarding to Chinese leaders actions in terms of China's relations with the US or Japan. That is extremely extraordinary and arrogant. How do you have that power?

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