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Gillard and Rudd

12/10/2011, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/opinion/poll-brings-julia-gillards-troubles-to-the-boil/story-e6frgd0x-1226164291828
It may or may not be too late for the federal ALP government's turn of fortune if it changed leadership in a bloodless and smooth transition from Gillard to Rudd.

Rudd has the experience to defeat the most skilful political opponent in the last decade and a half, that is the former prime minister John Howard, and rally the public, no matter it was
false appearance or not.

Abbott, while often underestimated by many for his powerful political leadership skills, may not be as effective as he has been to undermine Gillard's prime ministerial leadership, even though Rudd was deposed shortly after Abbott became the opposition leader. Rudd's demise from the previous prime ministership was his own unfortunate political skills towards his own caucus colleagues, and nothing more than that.

He should have learnt enough from the last political episodes, including the key shortcomings and failures such as overpitch of the climate change issues and his back away from the ETS after those kitchen cabinet colleagues advised him to do so, as well as his unfortunate role in the RSPT and his ill treatment of his colleagues.

He may be still revengeful, but he will be much more skilful next time.

And that is the hope the federal ALP can get if they act to ensure the leadership change is seen as natural and smooth and not as treacherous and bloody.

They will realise that and take necessary actions, no matter how painful they may be for some of them, especially those who played key roles in the removal of Rudd the last time. Self interest will dictate their actions, or rather inaction to oppose such a change in
leadership from the current one to Rudd.

I’d bet that is more likely than not to happen.

It would be interesting to see if the coalition will also need to change should Rudd become the prime minister again.

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