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Gillard failed on border protection and leadership

Paul, you have really missed the most important point when you say the following: "These events reveal a failure of Australia's system of government. One of the cardinal responsibilities of any Australian government is to protect the borders, and every PM since
Federation has been a border protectionist.
That responsibility has now been compromised, and the consequences will be severe. Gillard can be rightly accused of poor tactics, but her offshore policy has been destroyed by forces beyond her control -- the High Court, Abbott and the Greens."

And that is, the prime minister has lacked the political leadership skills required to lead on difficult issues and in difficult times.

If she can boast the pass of the carbon tax legislations, she should have the courage to confront her own shortcomings and work on it.

That is the key to her problems.

The piece by Niki Savva yesterday on the prime minister, though a bit harsh, had nevertheless some excellent points.

PS: Whichever political persuade is in government it is its duty and responsibility to govern and to protect the border.

If it can't do it beyond its own ability, it should seek a fresh mandate from the voters.

That is the simplest way of the current Australian government system.

If and when Attott is the leader of government, if and when he can't get its own border protection policy, he clear should call a double resolution of parliament and get a fresh mandate. He should be expected to do so if and when it becomes necessary.

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