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Euro solution, sustainability concept, long term and logic

Comments on James Kirby “The Nouriel Roubini CHOGM show”, 26/10/2011,

I think a better solution for Europe is that certain countries leave the euro but still remain in EU and receive some help from EU with the flexibility of own currency and monetary policy.

The claim of EU disintegration is overdone, although it is better for some euro members to leave to make their adjustments less painful and more effective and efficient.

In terms of the sustainability of the Chinese economy, one needs to understand stages of economic development and changes in economic structure along the path of development, especially rapid catching up.

It is just like a person grows in weight and height before maturity.
In that analogue, it is correct to say that growth in weight and height is not sustainable in the long term, but very few people would say it and would feel it laughable if someone says

If one understands that analogue, one would not be too fixated on using the sustainability argument, especially when it is combined with in the long term!

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