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Qantas and Joyce need some flexible tactics

Comments on Stephen Bartholomeusz “A dead end for Qantas unions”, 28/10/2011, http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/Joyce-Qantas-unions-IR-competition-airline-pd20111028-N34EM?OpenDocument&src=sph&src=rot
If the analysis is the case with Qantas, then surely Joyce and his management team should be able to convince the unions with a win-win outcome that will be the best outcome for both the airline and its employees.

I think Qantas and its CEO Joyce may be prudent to be a little more tactical in its dealing with its employees and the unions.

While many people probably don't the exact details of the disputes and the negotiations between the two sides, but on TV at least the unions have shown some flexibility in deferring their industrial actions, but each time it seemed that Qantas spokeswoman showed a very hardline attitude that hardly has been tactical, or win the sympathy of the public.

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