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Can there be a China model?

Comments on Yu Keping "Search for balance in China: a quest for dynamic stability", 23/09/2013, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2013/09/22/a-quest-for-dynamic-stability/

Given the current contradictory between what the CCP official line says and the difficulties to reconcile that with the affluent societies in the West democracy, it will be very difficult to advance the Chinese fairs without creative and innovative thinking, reforms and great leadership.

While it may seem an almost impossible task, somehow the CCP needs to find a way that guarantee its ruling party status and the long term and continued acceptance by the vast majority of the Chinese people.

That would require a new social contract to be written between the CCP and the Chinese people.

That contract must ensure that the CCP is a collective force and the best one for raising the living standards of the Chinese people and the CCP is not corrupt, democratically governed for all Chinese
people, respects the law and creates the condition in which everyone
who makes effort can succeed.

Is that a difficult task? Surely it is.

Is that an impossible task? It depends, but only time will tell.
What it implies is that the CCP should learn from its history including its past before the PRC and the reform era and the history of the world and to form a new framework and a strategy.

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