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PC inquiry on Australia's car industry

Comments on Sid Maher and John Ferguson "Coalition calls for 'urgent' report on car industry", 20/09/2013, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/coalition-calls-for-urgent-report-on-car-industry/story-fn59niix-1226723160050

The new government should let the PC conduct its inquiry into the car industry without any preconditions and should not preempty the PC inquiry and report on the future of the car industry in Australia, although politically it may continue the line that its supports the car industry until the report comes out.

More importantly, the government should fully respect the verdict from the independent economic body and accept rational and economically sensible recommendations on the future of the car industry without yielding to special interest groups.

It is too important for all Australians to be emotional rather than rationally making  difficult choice between the car industry and possibly better national wealth and welfare, particularly when the output of Australia's car industry has been declining and will decline more when Ford closes its production here. As a result, the costs of continuing government subsidies are likely to increase as car production falls.

My instinct feel is that it is very difficult for car manufacturing to survive in Australia for long. However, we should wait for the PC to report on this.

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