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China and central Asia

Comments on Laurie Pearcey "Xi Jinping’s New Silk Road: Chinese foreign policy, energy security and ideology", 17/09/2013, https://theconversation.com/xi-jinpings-new-silk-road-chinese-foreign-policy-energy-security-and-ideology-17994

Given the size and continued rapid growth of China's economy and the current and expected energy mix in the world economy, China will have stronger interests in the middle east for its energy security. This implies that it will not only increase its investment in many ways in the region, but also extend its strategic consideration for diversification of its energy sources, such as from Russia and possibly from some central Asian countries, as well as build alternative oil transport such as pipelines running through Pakistan and Burma.
As China increase its navy power, the importance of middle east oil to its energy and security means it will probably increase its military presence along its ocean oil transport including up to the middle east.
Central Asia plays an important economic as well as security role in China's new silk road strategy. As China expand its navy power to protect its ocean transports, it is essential to have a secure backyard in the west inland borders, particularly along its restive Xijiang region.

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