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Food security - not that simple in real world

Comments on Shenggen Fan “Urgent actions needed to prevent recurring food crises”, 1/05/2011, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2011/05/01/urgent-actions-needed-to-prevent-recurring-food-crises/

While many of the points in Fan's article may sound good in theory, or in a hypothetical world, the reality of the world suggest there may be many problems that may render good purely economic argument in the absence of world reality ineffective or unusable.

For example, when a country starts experiencing some sorts of problems, whether it is inflation, food, energy and so on, there are diverging international political interests regarding to the situation of that particular country.

It would be suffice to look no further than the reactions and actions of different international communities in the recent and ongoing unrests in the Middle East and North Africa.

One could imagine that even the mother nature does not produce causes for concerns to some and possibly many countries, some nations would create problems in some other countries to advance own interests.

That is unfortunately a sad reality in world politics.

Any talks of food security must not be too naïve and must take into account the complex international politics and its implications.

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