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Greg Combet is disappointing too

Comments on Joe Kelly “The Greens say the carbon tax will need to be far above $40 a tonne, while the Government says it will be 'well south'”, 17/05/2011, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/the-greens-say-the-carbon-tax-will-need-to-be-far-above-40-a-tonne-while-the-government-says-it-will-be-well-south/story-fn59niix-1226057359647

Greg Combet is becoming less and less competent in his role as the climate change minister which has the key role in setting the policy for the proposed carbon tax, although his job is inherently and undoubtedly very difficult.

All the time he has been saying that the carbon price has not been set, yet now he is also saying that the tax will be well south of $40 per ton.

Does he know or not know the likely tax?

If what he is now saying is correct, then he has been misled the public all the time.

If he has been right all the time in terms of the tax, then he is kidding himself now.

Such a display of politics by a minister is unhelpful to the debate on climate change and the carbon tax and very disappointing.

The public had high hopes for Combet to advance or at least to resolve the issue of ETS or a carbon tax. He appeared to be more flexible than his predecessor, Senator Wong, in terms of dealing with other parties in the failed negotiations for the Rudd/Wong ETS.

But it seems those have been misplaced.

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