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The 1999 Chinese embassy bombing and international injustice

Comments on Patrick Chin-Dahler “The anniversary of the 1999 Chinese embassy bombing”, May 7th, 2011, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2011/05/07/the-anniversary-of-the-1999-chinese-embassy-bombing/

The US explanation or excuse of due to mistake of using old map was never credible and convincing, at least to virtually all Chinese on the mainland.

Most Chinese believed (and still do probably) that the US purposefully and deliberately targeted Chinese embassy to teach China a lesson to show China the differences in military power between the two countries. Many believed that the US and NATO might have used this action to retaliate China for its opposition to their military action against Yugoslavia and to teach other countries that dared to oppose a lesson too.

Off course China was powerless then to respond in military terms due to the lack of projection power and the much inferior military fighting power and technologies.

That was an international military power display to humiliate China by the US and NATO possibly

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