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Gillard government is wasting taxpayer's money again - the set-top box program

Comments on Joe Kelly “PM defends 'quality' digital set-top box scheme for pensioners”, 12/05/2011, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/budgets/julia-gillard-defends-war-on-middle-class-welfare-in-budget/story-fn8gf1nz-1226054548578

Gillard is defending the indefensible: "Defending the value of the $350 per box scheme, the Prime Minster said the cost included installation, a lesson on how to use the technology and a 12-month support package.

The opposition has likened the scheme to the government's ill-fated insulation scheme, saying set-top boxes can be bought at electrical retailers for as little as $40."

The set-top box program by the government clear is not value for money and will never be.

This is not only common sense, but also back up by business people: "Retailer Gerry Harvey slammed the scheme as overpriced, saying he could sell the boxes and install them at far lower prices."

Gillard, its cabinet ministers especially those who have responsibilities for spending control and in the area of communication and businesses, should have some common sense back, get into the real world, and be responsible for taxpayer's money.

That program shows gross irresponsibility and is bordered on neglecting their duties to the taxpayers.

Clearly, they have not learned enough or at all from the government's disastrous home insulation program debacle. That was not too long ago and the memory should be still very fresh indeed.

PS: It should be interesting to know what government advicers have advised and recommended on this program, in terms of $350 per box. Freedom of information should allow one to access that information.

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