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A better approach to sharing ideas and beliefs for a better world

Comments on Jieun Baek, Oxford University: “Send North Korea media before missiles”,

Firstly, I appreciate the idea and proposal by the author to send media before missiles to North Korea to avoid war and achieve better outcomes for all parties concerned, particularly those in the region which may be directly affected by a war in a huge way as opposed to those parties outside the region which may not be affected much by such a war in the Korea peninsular.

Secondly, I think we need to go beyond and above the purpose of spreading or achieving liberal democracy everywhere in the world and instead to aim at purely information and ideas sharing without hoping our own system and beliefs will prevail and dominate others'.

Now it is probably a fact that no significant forces, organisations and countries are still trying to spread communism and trying to achieve communist revolutions in other countries following the collapse of the former USSR and the East Communist bloc and the introduction of reforms and open door policy in China.

However, we have continued to see the efforts and actions including some not so subtle ones to transform the world into all liberal democracy, such as the Arab Springs and the color revolutions in some other countries.

I think it is time that we need to redefine ideas competition for the benefit of all human beings and that we don't impose our own onto others and let people to choose. Maybe that is true democracy!

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