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Reforming the Hukou system requires more top-level design

Comments on Bingqin Li, UNSW: "China going nowhere on hukou reform", 19/05/2017

It is likely to be one of the most difficult reform tasks in China to reform its Hukou system, given the fragmented nature of government services responsibilities including school education and some other social security as mentioned by the author.
Acknowledging the difficulties, what does the author see is the most practical way or ways to undertake Hokou reforms?
Arguably, a top-level design should have a well considered and thought-through framework and practical ideas to go forward.
It may be helpful to have a coordination and adjustment program by the central government to facilitate the expansion and provision of services such as school education, in addition to the portable social security provisions. It may involve some additional funding from the central government, although a substantial part of that funding could come from those regions where there are net negative population migration, that is people/students are moving away to other regions.

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