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Trump unlikely to make any country great

Comments on Abdul Basit, RSIS: “Will Trump make South Asia great again?” 5/05/2017

While it may sound as emotional, it is highly likely that Trump will not make either the America or any other countries great!

For America, it is because he is working against the comparative advantages, both short and long terms, of the USA, period. As a result, he will damage the long-term interests of the USA. It just like to use ice/heroin to improve one’s health, particularly long term effects.

For others, does he have any desire or intention to them great when he campaigned with the slogan ‘make America great again’? Any benefits which any other countries may actually get as a result will be accidental. Alternatively, his attempts to make America great again by working against its comparative advantages may unintentionally benefit its competitors. And many may be considered as such competitors.

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