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Better first things first on North Korea nuclear issues

Comments on Tom Le, Pomona College: “Living with failure on the Korean Peninsula”, 3/05/2017

While it is a legitimate concern on the human right conditions of the people in North Korea, the task of dealing with the NK nuclear and missiles issue is so paramount that it would not be very helpful to mix these two issues together. Besides, while it is admirable to have high international standards in terms of human rights, it should for most cases be left to each country to handle it. Essentially that should be the responsibility of the government of each country.

In terms of the NK nuclear and missiles issues, I tend to agree with China that every side needs, has to or must give a little so that every side can gain from a settlement of the issues. That means the US should be mindful enough not to continue to post a threat to the existence of the NK irrespective what and what kind of regimes it may have. They may have a regime we don’t like, but we should not attempt too much in having each regime in the world to our own like.

I think if every side is sincere enough to resolve the issues and rid of the Korea peninsular off nuclear weapons, I don’t think it is impossible to achieve. But we need to focus on the main issues and make our best effort to do that. We should definitely avoid mingle too many issues together unnecessarily.

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