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Huge pay rise for politicians a disgrace and worst for the tribunal!

Comments on news.com.au “Tweet deal - social media blamed for politicans' huge pay rise”, http://www.news.com.au/national/massive-pay-rise-for-ps-chiefs/story-e6frfkvr-1226223538200#ixzz1gdoGPf4D, 16/12/2011

It's a disgrace, isn't it?

The tribunal has performed some of the worst acts in recent times, first was the statuary appointees, high level bureaucrats and now is the politicians, with increases in their pay by as much as 63% in the above case and possibly more.

One has to wonder whether its doing affect the pay of the top persons at the tribunal or not, presumably they are part of the beneficiaries of these deals.

Does the tribunal work with any budgetary constraints in its mind when they give so large pay rises to those people, as the government asks for 4% efficiency dividend from the Australian public services?

Presumably there is no budgetary constraints at all to the tribunal.

This is a highly unsatisfactory situation and it mus be changed or stopped!

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